Website Redesign

Have you been considering a website redesign but you are unsure whether you actually require it. Please review the following questions

Is your website more than 5 yrs old and out of synch with your brand?

Does your company website look out of date and untidy?

Can you view your website well across multiple devices, computers, operating systems such as IOS/Android and browsers?

Is your website easy to use for your customers?

Are you able to update your website easily?

Have you noticed a steady loss of traffic and sales?

Are suffering decreasing traffic and increasing bounce rate even though you have a search engine optimisation strategy

Answering yes to any of the above will comfirm your initial thoughts and signal that a website redesign is needed. We are a team of Web designers and web developers who dislike ugly websites and messy code. Our aim is to make sure your website out performs your competitors allowing you to climb to the top of your industry using the latest web design technologies. Engagement, clarity and ease of use are essential to our strategy to make sure that you maximise traffic and increase your conversion rates.

Steps to ensure your website redesign doesn’t affect your site’s search engine rankings

Before starting any web redesign project an evaluation of the companies current seo strategy must be made. A full crawl of the existing site should be done to understand the seo features that are important and should be kept. It will also highlight new seo strategies that could be implemented. Once the redesign is underway on a test site all pages should be no index no follow to ensure search engines do not penalize you for duplicate content. Ensure all urls are the same as the existing website or a 301 direct is set up. Ensure XML sitemaps are created and submitting so search engines can index any new pages and direct your users to the correct pages on your website.

SERVICES INCLUDE Static website redesign, Dynamic website redesign, Responsive websites redesign, WordPress website redesign and Interactive website redesign which are tailored to meet your companies requirements.

Interested in seeing what Digital website design could do for you?

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